Is Yahoo! Becoming a Google Clone?

Brett Tabke recently opened up a forum thread on WebmasterWorld titled: Yahoo SERPS vs Google SERPS – If you can’t beat em – join em?. Brett also provides a screen shot comparing the results screens of the two engines.

It’s also interesting to consider the changes made in Panama. I was staring at Yahoo! Search Marketing’s new spreadsheet template and it struck me how similar it has come to the Google AdWords spreadsheet format. For that matter Yahoo is using a very similar algorithm for ranking ads, and this was at the heart of the Panama release.

To be fair, there are still significant distinctions between the two companies. Yahoo! is much more advanced as a publisher of destination sites. One can’t overlook the way they took a solid lead in the Question and Answer space with Yahoo! Answers This is a recent product launch that has done extremely well, and Google recently withdrew from the same space.

But it sure will be interesting to see how this evolves in the search space.


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    As far as Panama is concerned, I’m glad Yahoo! realized that in order to get any market share they were going to need to make it easy for AdWords users to move over.

    Unlike MSN who tried to reinvent the wheel and created a triangular-shaped waste-of-time instead (not that I’m complaining about the lack of competition on that service).

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