Latest Interview: Avinash Kaushik

Avinash Kaushik and I sat down recently to discuss key blogging tips. This is my third discussion and interview with Avinash. Last year we did a Podcast about competitive intelligence tools, and after that we had a detailed discussion about web analytics.

Avinash is one of the brightest people in our industry, and is very enjoyable to talk to, as each conversation provides a wealth of valuable information. Please feel free to comment on the interview using the discussion using the link below.


  1. says

    Great interview and a quality guy.

    The coolest thing about him talking about the feedback and accessibility of bloggers is that, one of the very first times I commented on his blog, he clicked onto my site and had a decent look around.

    He’s returned every email I’ve ever sent (of the two, I s’pose, it ain’t like we’re pen pals) and is an all-around good guy, in my opinion.

    Oh yeah Eric, nice job over at SEOMoz, though the crossover in context made my head confused for a minute. It IS morning over here in Oz.

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