Latest Interview: Bob Massa

Our latest interview is with Bob Massa. What’s interesting about this one is that Bob has been involved in SEO and online marketing since 1997. That makes him a certified old timer, and it’s worth seeing what he things about the was search has changed and his ideas on link building.


  1. H Patel says

    I am surprised what BOB is saying and boasting in all of his interviews and blogs. I am aware of him defaulting on payments of many companies in India including bouncing of his cheques. How can he say “do what you tell to do”. I don’t understand if he could not afford than why incur expenses and then default the payment.
    I would like to take this opportunity to warn all of the vendors, suppliers, business associates who are dealing with BOB and his company that you also might be cheated by him like i know many of my friends have been

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