Latest Interview: Google’s Adam Lasnik

Last week I got to interview Adam Lasnik for the second time (first interview is here. It’s always a pleasure to speak with Adam, and as usual we covered a variety of WebSpam related topics.

Check out the interview and you can comment on it below if you wish.


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    thanks, Eric. Excellent interview.

    This paragraph is particularly interesting:

    Adam Lasnik: … When we canonicalize stuff on our end, we also combine PageRank. So, if we see that people are linking to the exact same resource in three different ways, again thankfully in the majority of cases that I have seen, we are able to not only know that’s the same page, we are also able to take the different links, the different URLs that are linking there, and combine that PageRank so that it gets the total PageRank from those links, and it’s not separated out.

    Great – although Lasnik takes care to emphasise that this happens in the “majority of cases” or “vast majority of cases”. So, I guess, at this stage that we still need to pay attention to resolving those canonicalization issues.

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    Mark – I think you are correct. These types of canonicalization issues should still be addressed, as there remains the risk that Google does not pick up on it.

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    Great Interview. Adam is always a wealth of knowledge and you can tell he has a real passion for interacting with Web masters. I was fortunate enough to meet him a couple times at a couple SES conferences. While it’s true that Google is much better at canonicalization issues after the Big Daddy release, other search engines are not so fortunate (Yahoo and MSN) so it’s still worth doing the 301s.

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