Latest Interview: Google’s Carter Maslan

Recently I got to speak with Google’s Carter Maslan about Local Search. The discussion should help people interesting in Local Search to more effectively put together their strategy. There is also a little bit of myth busting in this read, as not all of my questions were answered quite the way people might expect.

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    What a fabulous interview. I applaud Carter for his open-ness in talking about the factors their algorithm is looking at, and I applaud you, Eric, for being so thorough with your questions.

    It was absolutely terrific to get clarification from Carter about the role of the Business Title in the LBC. This was the most valuable comment I’ve ever heard come directly from a search engine rep. I’ve been advising clients to structure their LBC titles as “Company Widgets – Geolocation” ifor awhile without really knowing whether it was white hat or not. Carter’s response appears to indicate that Google sees descriptive titles as positive and keyword stuffed titles as spam. I’d totally agree with that.

    It was also nice to see Google’s sensitivity to the issue of multiple business listings in the 10-pack for the same company.

    The one statement that I’d take issue with in the ENTIRE interview is that centroid doesn’t matter much anymore. I’ve seen plenty of searches in non-competitive industries or locations where centroid still makes plenty of difference in the rankings, presumably in the absence of strong signals from elsewhere on the web.

    Again, a fantastic interview, Eric.

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