Latest Interview: Google’s Cedric Dupont – Comment Here

This week’s interview is with Google’s Cedric Dupont, the product manager for Search Wiki. The discussion focused on SearchWiki, and in it he indicated that there is no intention to offer an opt out, and that it could well be used for more general ranking purposes. We did, of course, discuss much more than that!.


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    How reliable the information coming out from search wiki? Many people rely on the information they have gathered from the internet and hopeful that they have gotten the correct information especially the students and people in the the verge of research of something.

    Wiki so much of use now this era because of the information collected and easy to access, compare to the old days you have to buy books and read it until you find the information you are wanting to harvest.

    I hope searchwiki would enhance and further exceed the expectation from the people who are the beneficial of all information.

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