Latest Interview – Google’s Sandra Cheng – Comment Here

My most recent interview was with Google’s Sandra Cheng, and we discussed the recent Website Workout program by the Google Website Optimizer team.

This was a cool program where Google did test programs with 4 different companies, and then published the results as case studies. As SEOs we hunger for hard core data, and this program provides some very interesting examples of how much of an impact landing page optimization can have on a business. Equally interesting is that the changes to the sites that were made to achieve improvements in conversion were not always what you might think intuitively.

That ends up being one of the essential lessons of landing page optimization. The chances that your intutive shoot from the hip design is the best one possible for your visitors? ZERO. Anyway, it is always great to get this kind of data to look at an digest. We also review the process of setting up GWO as well.

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