Latest Interview: Microsoft’s Mike Nichols

This week’s interview is with Mike Nichols of Microsoft. It was an intriguing discussion about image search, Microsoft’s new video search, and celebrity search.

Read the interview to see what I learned in the discussion, and if you would like to comment on the interview you can do that below.


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    Thanks for posting this Eric. I was really interested in seeing the smart preview functionality and could not find anything resembling what was mentioned. I tried the same search on live and MSN and never saw a result as was mentioned. Can you assist me in seeing this? Also, I dont recall any press releases announcing new video search for MSN. Is this in reference to the changes they made to search back in OCT, or is there something new that I don’t know about. I would really appreciate it.

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    Hi Video SEO – If you do a video search on Live search (for example, Baron Davis dunk) you will get a set of results the same as any other video search engine. If you then hold your cursor over the video snapshot it will play a snippet of the video (again the same as any other video search engine).

    What the smart preview refers to is the fact that they attempt to find the most important part of the content in the video, regardless of where it is in the video. For example, if you check a bunch of the Baron Davis dunk videos, you will see that the preview always shows the dunk, regardless of where the dunk is in the video.

    Less intelligent previews may take only the first 15 seconds of the video and actually miss the part with the dunk.

    Regarding the lack of a press release, I did some checking around just before writing this comment, and did not find any press releases either. A bit surprising. Nonetheless, they did announce this at their “Searchification” event back on September 26th.

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