Latest Interview – Omniture’s Chris Zaharias – Comment Here

This week’s interview is with Chris Zaharias of Omniture. Part of the reason I ended up speaking with Chris is because at SES Chicago in December I enjoyed watching Josh James’ (Omniture’s CEO) keynote speech. His presentation focused on the role that the search marketer needs to play in quarterbacking all aspects of marketing.

So I contacted Omniture and arranged an interview with Chris. In the discussion we touched on a lot of aspects of the intergration between search marketing, online marketing in the broader sense, and offline marketing. One of the key concepts I took away from it is the notion that the search marketer (for clarity, “search marketer” means SEO AND SEM to me) is indeed the best one to quarterback the overall marketing process, for two reasons:

  1. The business model and accountability of search will slowly but surely become the model for most forms of marketing
  2. The search marketer is already leading the way, and is best equipped to do so in the future

Good stuff. Give it a read.


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