Latest Interview: Tim Ash

This week’s interview is with Tim Ash, president of SiteTuners. The discussion focused on the key components of Landing Page Optimization. Check the interview out, and then enter in any comments or questions you may have below.


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    I am a newb to SEM, my background being a front end web designer, and I found the article to have many nuggets of info… thanks.

    Related to landing pages I have a question: is it illegal/bad practice to create landing pages for PPC that are skinned with the same theme as the website but are not part of the navigation or site if visited from the organic listings. In other words, creating unique landing pages that will only show up for PPC ads?

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      Hi Richard – It is not illegal at all. First, search engines know that many people do this because the people who click on a PPC ad are often in a more immediate buying mode, and a different landing page can offer them a better experience, and higher conversion for the publisher. Second, if the search engine were to crawl the PPC ad (they don’t, but if they did) they would see the same thing a user sees, so this is not a problem.

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