Latest Interview: Yahoo’s Frazier Miller and Shailesh Bhat

This week’s interview is with Frazier Miller and Shailesh Bhat of Yahoo. This is the third in our series of interviews focused on Local search. The first two were with Google’s Carter Maslan and Microsoft’s Ziya Genceren.

The discussion is heavily focused on Yahoo local search. Check it out!


  1. says

    Eric, you are providing such an amazing service to the Local search community with the depth and breadth of these interviews. Thanks for continuing to focus on Local!!

  2. James says

    Agreed, great interview. I’m intrigued that so much focus on Local still sits with Yahoo (a d IYPs and Google) because of volume when the future is being done by Krillion, Zvents, etc. The future of local is hardly about business listings and reviews – they have no engagement or retention to attract customers.

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