Latest Interview: Yahoo’s Priyank Garg

This week’s interview is with Yahoo’s Priyank Garg. The discussion focuses on SEO tips for publishers, and covers some really interesting ground. Priyank makes a clear statement of Yahoo’s policy with regard to paid links, how they handle NoIndex, NoFollow, robots.txt, and more.

Once you are done reading it, you can discuss it using the space below.


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    A very detailed interview indeed. Thanks to Eric and Priyank to let us know some important facts about how Yahoo ranks pages. I think people will start using Yahoo Site Explorer more than they used to.

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    Excellent interview.

    I have a question for Priyank, however. When, if ever, will Yahoo revisit the penalties they placed on sites years ago apparently banning them for life. There are some sites (one I happen to own) that seem to be permanently banned even though no other search engine finds anything wrong with them.

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