Link Building Research Tip

One of the things that is critical in doing link building work is developing tricks for finding the right contact info. Here is the scenario:

  1. You have backlinked your competitor
  2. You have identified the high value pages that link to them
  3. You now need to figure out how to contact that site and get a link to yours
  4. You visit the page to see if you can figure out who might be responsible for deciding who the link to

Of course, it is only a small percentage of the time that such pages identify the person you need to contact. You often need to fish around a bit to find the right contact. You may need to look at a “contact us” page, or some other such page that contains more general information.

Regardless of all this, one scenario that happens a lot is that you learn who authored or updated the page last, yet no contact information is provided. You begin to fish around the site, trying to find that contact info, but can’t … sound familar?

Here is a simple tip. Let’s assume the person is named John Smith, and the site they work for is “”. As soon as you decide that John Smith is the right contact, stop all your searching by hand, and go to your favorite search engine and type in “john smith”

If the email address is published on the site you will have that answer in less than 1 second. Chances are pretty good that it will be sitting there on the search results page and you won’t even need to click through to the site to find it.

Got a tip of your own? Let me know and we will publish it.


  1. Babu says

    Hey Guys
    You are talking so much about Marketing , but dont have a RSS feeds for your podcasts . Too Bad for an SEO, Marketing Guys

  2. says


    This is a good tip.

    I think I understand what you mean by #1, which is that you have established a link back to the competitor web site on your web site.

    What is the best method to accomplish #2?

  3. says

    Hi Joe,

    1. You have backlinked your competitor – by this item I mean that you have done an analysis to determine which are all the third party web pages that link to your competitors.

    2. You have identified the high value pages that link to them – by this item I mean that you have looked at the linking pages you found in item 1, and you have figured out which of the links to your competitors are their most valuable ones.

    Tools that can help you with these items are:

    LinkScape –
    LinkDiagnosis –

  4. don angelo says

    Reading this topic gives me more ideas on what is seo and how does it being done.As you know im just new in this field so your tips gives me lots of ideas. Thank you!

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