Next Up: SMX East

Next up on the search engine trade show circuit is SMX East. It will be in New York City, and will run from October 6th to October 8th. The agenda looks strong, and the attendance and networking opportunities should be great. Two keynotes will be given.

One is by Bill Tancer, who many of us know as the General Manager, Global Research for Hitwise. More recently, Bill has released a book called “Click” which has been featured on Bill has always been an excellent source of insight into searcher behavior.

On the 7th, we will have Tim Armstrong, a corporate VP at Google, who also heads up Google’s North American advertising sales and operations teams. This looks like a great chance to get insight into the PPC side of the business.

Last, but not least (well I like to think so at least!), I will be there. I have a presentation on Internal Linking Tactics on Day 2 of the event. Want to get my take on how to manage your own link juice? Yeah – I think I have a few opinions on that.


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    Hey Eric,

    Would love to hear what you have to say on that subject. Any chance you can post your presentation after the event?


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    Eric, this is getting more and more fun. I actually had a good time, playing with a with a site that was was giving too much juice to pages that could easily rank well and as such they weren’t giving enough juice to the other pages that needed it. This was for a retail site, with 50,000+ pages.

    It was a great exercise that combined:
    keyword research
    keyword competitiveness

    then based on those two factors

    re-architecting the flow of how they linked to themselves.

    Looking forward to the presentation

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