Open for Questions!

One of the big challenges with having a blog while running multiple businesses is coming up with article topics. So today, I am going to formally open this blog up to requested topics. No matter how basic or complicated the question might be, as long as it is about online marketing, I will consider taking it on and writing about it. Want to know about meta tags? I will write about it. Want to know my thoughts on the future of search, or the impact of a big announcement? I will write about that too.

I can't promise that I will write about every suggested topic, but I will publish responses to suggested topics 1 to 2 times per week. So bring it on, and let me know what you would like me to address, and I will do my best to accommodate!



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    Local is hot and getting hotter. What local-centric business opportunities/business models do you see as being sustainable? Likely to fizzle? Why?

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    You bring up a good, point it is so difficult at times to come up with something new and different to blog about every day. Great idea to reach out to your audience for suggestions on what they’d love to read.

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    Can you please write about content that is getting borrowed or outright stolen? I mean you own content. I have seem content from my site taken and republished somewhere. But even in a large number of instances I have seen articles that I have written for Ezine taken. Sometimes they take Ezine articles as Ezine wants to, with all hyperlinks intact, that I am guessing should not be a bad thing as I am getting a back link, but what if the site borrowing the articles is not subject-matter wise tightly related to mine, can such a back link do more harm then good? And here is another recent example: an article written by my partner for ArtcilesBase was reproduced on some crummy website in plain text, meaning all hyperlinks are removed. The article in the textual form still mentions our website, so may be it is not that bad after all, or is it?

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    My first question answering post is written! Look for me to publish it early next week. Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it! And Happy Holidays to those of you who do not.

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    My answer to Eric Itzkowitz’ question above has been submitted to Search Engine Land for my column there. It should be published on this Tuesday.

  6. Eric Itzkowitz says

    Eric, can’t wait to read the article. It will be my first read tomorrow morning. Thanks!!!