1. I’m curious why an SEO blog would have URLs not optimized for SEO?

    This is a good post, clearly the author knows SEO but I still wonder why the simple step of optimizing the URL to include the post title hasn’t been taken.

  2. Hi Green Widget – Hindsight is 20-20. We launched the blog and had it up for a while before we realized that WordPress allowed you to do that. Once we have a bunch of posts up, we learned about the existence of the option.

    So, we could change the setting now, but that would remap all of our existing posts, and require us to create a whole bunch of 301 redirects.

    Given the small amount of benefit you get from having keywords in the URL (and it is a small benefit), it has not seemed worth it as yet to take that step.

  3. I would add to that, instead of using plain language on your site, compare phrases using google insight and use words the way people use them for search in google.

  4. i must like your ramblings because that’s the first thing i would have seen (and i keep on reading different posts) and noted right?

    it’s not called seo ramblings but Ramblings A…..which is what the scanning eye would catch.

    I have to consider this with the title of my website. what i really wish is that i had chosen a slightly different url for the website 11 years ago as now i know that search engines value those keywords in the url too, but it’s a bit late now…..

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