Eric, Brett, and Avinash discuss Google Analytics

On Wednesday June 13th, 2007 Eric Enge, Brett Crosby, and Avinash Kaushik spoke about Google Analytics, and Avinash's new role at Google. Here are the major questions that Eric asked:

  1. Let's talk about how the new Google Analytics release of May 8th has been received by the industry.
  2. You released a new update yesterday that included a few updates based on user feedback. For one thing, it seemed like there was a lot of demand for seeing the data on an hourly basis. Can you talk about that a bit?
  3. Another area of interest was the cross segmentation by Network Location. How do you see people using that feature?
  4. I think that some of the things you have done to the Path Analysis in GA are great. Can you talk a bit about each of these features, including neat ways they can be used, starting with the Navigation Summary?
  5. How about the Entrance Paths?
  6. How do Entrance Sources differ from Entrance Paths?
  7. What about Entrance Keywords?
  8. Prior to March 6th, Avinash, you were at Intuit. What was it that motivated you to leave Intuit and accept a role working with Google?
  9. What will your responsibilities be in the new role?

You can read a written transcript of the interview here, or click below to listen to the podcast.

Eric Enge Brett Crosby Avinash Kaushik

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