PPC Services – We Increase ROI

STC is a Google AdWords Certified PartnerBuilding your customer base using Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services provides immediate, measurable results. The opportunity is enormous; the Google, Yahoo & Bing serve show ads on more than 150 million searches every day. For the customers out there searching for your products or services, PPC campaigns can bring you new customers, now.

At its core, PPC advertising is fairly straightforward. Spend $.50 and make a $1.00. Rinse and repeat a million times over. This is the simple beauty of PPC. It is a stark contrast to the traditional marketing model where it is easy to end up in a situation where “I know I’m wasting 50% of this money, I just don’t know which 50% it is”. Executing this simple strategy is quite another thing.

Because the model is straightforward, PPC campaigns often face a very competitive environment. Decisions on your target ROI and picking tools to help manage the campaign are critical. In addition, the most successful PPC campaigns are those that are treated as a learning journey. You can learn things from your PPC campaign every day, and then turn around and make changes to improve your ROI as a result. This constant examination of data and results, and tuning of your campaigns is where the big money can be made.

Stone Temple Consulting has put together a team of PPC professionals that know how to do this work for you. STC takes a proactive hands on approach to working on our client’s campaigns. Our model ensures that your campaigns will get the attention needed to deliver superior results.

Our PPC services include:

  1. Creation, Setup and Management of PPC Accounts
  2. Bid Management and Bid Optimization
  3. Ad Creation and Ad Optimization
  4. Keyword Research and Keyword Expansion
  5. Conversion Tracking Setup and Management
  6. Measure and Report Results
  7. Ongoing Management Including Best Practices and Ongoing Improvements

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We also offer a variety of free PPC tools that have been written up in Search Engine Land. Here are two of them:

  1. PPC Planning Matrix
  2. Keyword Permutator