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2. Predictability of updates (this is a heading 4)

Winner: p class=”orangebox”
Score: 8 to 5.25

Richard Baxter: p class=”quotes”  “SEOMoz have been unpredictable recently, in that their target dates are missed, and usually explained with a later blog post. They’re pretty transparent on this (and let’s be fair, have been striving to achieve some pretty lofty goals given the age and experience of the startup).”

Wil Reynolds “Moz is improving regularly, which means they are slightly less reliable to come in at the same time every time, but both tools update frequently enough, that to me this is a not a HUGE issue.”

Wiep Knol “SEOmoz is very clear about their Mozscape updates, see Majestic’s fresh index updates daily and the historic index monthly, so that’s pretty predictable as well.”

Brank Rihtman “There is no comparison here. Majestic Fresh index is updated daily and is pushed to historic index on monthly basis. As I mentioned above, I am already finding links in Majestic to articles published just a few days ago, while OSE has no data for those URLs. Majestic even reports on links not yet reported by search engines so Majestic takes this one by far.”

Feedback from Rand: p class=”bluebox”. We need to become better and more consistent and we will. As I noted above, we’re taking a lot of steps and putting both talented people and financial resources to work to make this happen. Nothing’s a higher priority inside SEOmoz today.

Feedback from Dixon: p class=”greenbox”. We update daily. SEOMoz attempt to update monthly. Our monthly updates are also pretty regular… but on a MUCH larger index.

3. API performance (uptime and speed of response)

Winner: Open Site Explorer (by a nose!)
Score: 8 to 7.5

???? Write up of what this metric was about

Wil Reynolds “Uptime is fine for both.  I think when there are issues Majestic gets back to you slower than Moz from a customer service standpoint. “

Branko Rihtman “They are both performing great for what I needed (and that was very small scale), however OSE API has a free version which, even though is throttled, can help a lot for concept testing and small tasks.”

Feedback from Rand: We made some recent investments in additional hardware capacity for the API, and are seeing good results here. This work will continue, as we plan to make more and more available via API both for free and in the paid version.

Feedback from Dixon: I am glad that the SEOMoz API seems to be running well. I don’t think we have ever had many complaints about speed and we are built mostly for scale. As long as you use our GetTopBacklinks command in our API (which can return details on the top 50,000 links for any domain or url in a fraction of a second) that I think you are fine with our API at scale. I think that Branko’s point about SEOMoz having a free API is well made. I hope that’s costing you loads to runRand!