Search Marketing Expo Announced

And finally, the other pieces fall into place. The team at has announced their Search Marketing Expo conference and Search Marketing Now webcast series.

The list of non-surprises continues! The grand master of search engine conferences, Danny Sullivan, has announced a new series of conferences, known as Search Marketing Expo. Can you spell instant success? Without a doubt, this will be a well attended event.

It does bring up an issue though. How many conference series can this industry support? Can it really support Search Engine Strategies, WebmasterWorld, and Search Marketing Expo. I am not thinking that either WebmasterWorld, or Search Marketing Expo, have anything to worry about.

Danny will still be running SES through 2007, yet Search Marketing Expo will have its first event in June of 2007 in Seattle. So the overlap will begin, even as Danny is still running the SES events. So it may be 2008 before we see SES under pressure.

Side note to Danny: Winter conferences in warm places (i.e. not Chicago) and Summer conferences in cooler places. It’s just hard to walk around outside on days like today in Chicago (unless you have 10 pounds of clothes on).

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