SES NY Coming Up!

SES New York begins on April 10th, and as usual, I will be there. A few sessions stand out as being of particular interest to me:

  1. Tuesday 9:00 am: Video Search Optimization
  2. Tuesday 11:00 am: Podcast and Audio Optimization
  3. Wednesday 10:15 am: Web Analytics and Measuring Success
  4. Wednesday 3:15 pm: SEO Through Blogs & Feeds
  5. Thursday 9:00 am: Social Search Overview
  6. Thursday 11:00 am: Social Media Optimization
  7. Thursday 2:00 pm: Bookmark Strategies

As you can see, I have a strong preference for the new frontier. There is a straightforward reason for that. This is where the easier fortunes are to be had.

The show is notable, because it is the last SES that will be organized by Danny Sullivan. The next show that Danny puts together will be his own Search Marketing Expo in June on Seattle. Chris Sherman will then handle the next 2 SES events. After that, who knows? It will be interesting to see who Incisive Media recruits to pick up the reigns from there.

Unfortunately, I need to miss Friday of the show, as I will be on a plane to the Carribean. Out for a week for fun in the sun!

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