SES San Jose Foosball Smackdown Results!

Last week at SES San Jose we held an event we dubbed the Search Engine Foosball Smackdown. This was a heated event between foosers from Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo!. Each search engine sent some of its best foosers to see who would be the dominant search engine in the market (well the foosball market at least).

It is easy to see why, as the winner got the chance to take home the coveted Stonetemple Cup. Here is John Biundo of STC holding that rare beauty:

Stonetemple Cup Photo

The elimination round knocked out Microsoft, although they put up a valiant fight. This left Google and Yahoo for the finals. Here is a look at the intensity of the players:

Yahoo vs. Google Foosball 1
Yahoo vs. Google Foosball 1
All photos were taken by Kelsey Jarboe of SEO-PR.

The Yahoo team of Daniel Wong and Jake Rosenberg took home the cup after a tough finals match. You can see a photo of the happy winners over on the Google Webmaster Central blog.

Fun was had by all. In fact, Nathan Johns and Jan Backes of Google got more than just a second place finish. They also scored the best against John Biundo and I in our Beat the Pros challenge. They in factg scored a major first. They were the first team to actually beat us in the challenge. (OK, but pride forces me to point out that we beat them in the rematch!).

For that indiscretion (beating us that is), they each won an iPod Touch. Sweet!

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