Stats About Blogs and Link Development

Blogs make for a great promotional tool. You have probably heard it many times. But does it really work? I think we can answer that question with a resounding yes! This post will provide you with some basic stats, showing the results achieved by SEOmoz in the last year, and our very own blog here at Stone Temple Consulting since it’s launch in mid-August.

Here are the stats reported recently by Rand at SEOmoz:

Year Inbound links
2005 10,000
2006 326.000

What does this get them? Among other things, the #10 spot in a Google search for “SEO”, a hellishly competitive term. Of course, you may want to point out that SEOmoz is one of the most prominent blogs in the SEO business. So their growth may not be unexpected.

So let’s talk about the Stone Temple Consulting site. Our web site was completely unpromoted prior to the launch of the blog in mid-August. Frankly, it was a pure word of mouth business based on my personal referral network. The business was doing just fine as a small little boutique shop.

But then we made the decision to expand the business. At the time we made that decision the site had a whopping 4 external links. Basically nothing.

A linkdomain query on Yahoo! today returns 7,510 external in bound links. So ask yourself, what other campaign were we going to implement that would have gotten up 7,506 new links in 137 days (54.8 new links per day) from a standing start? Consider further that virtually all of these links are relevant to our industry, and not one single link was purchased.

Pretty cool stuff.


  1. says


    I’ve been reading your blog since I followed a link to it earlier this month – keep up the good work!

    Question…have these newly aquired, several thousand inbounds resulted in more work for your business?

  2. Eric Enge says

    Hi John,

    Yes, we have started to get new business off of web leads. Hard to put a dollar value on what has happened yes, because the time frame is just over 4 months from the start of the campaign, but it is definitely headed in the right direction.

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