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One of our clients forward me an email message yesterday. The subject of the email was: “Fwd: Your order has shipped (#102-2280136-1739409)”. I scratched my head when I saw it, wondering what it could possibly be. Then I opened the email and saw these wonderful words:

“FYI, your book is now shipping :) Look forward to reading it”


You can order your own copy here.


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    Congratulations it might change peoples mind for the better around seo, its on my list of next lot of books im ordering from Amazon!

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    So you are the guy who wrote this book, LMAO ! I just bought a copy at the Barnes & Noble last Sunday and can’t wait to read it. I stumbled upon your site today from a link at SEOMOZ.

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    I put this on my Amazon wish list. My birthday is coming up and I know someone will buy it for me. I just know it! (note to self: buy this book as a present for yourself)

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    Search engine optimization, or SEO as it’s commonly known as, is an online marketing strategy that involves designing, writing and coding your entire website with the intention of enabling search engines to index your site easily and efficiently. The sole aim and objective is for it to rank higher for keywords relevant to your business.

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