“The most read site in the SEO World”

We are truly grateful to Google for declaring that our site “will soon be the most read site in the SEO world”. What am I smoking you say? Well check it out here:

Google Search Result Snippet

Thanks Google!

OK, so more seriously, how did this happen? Clearly it has something to do with the way that Google assembles it’s snippets. The link that comes up for this search points to the home page of our blog.

The user query is “seo temple”. Google cannot find that phrase on the page it has matched up with the query, and there is no meta description tag, so it tries to assemble a snippet from the text it finds on the page. For some reason Google picked the sentence out of our post about Danny Sullivan, Barry Schwartz, and Chris Sherman’s new site, Search Engine Land.

It’s a fascinating demonstration of how snippet assembly works!

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