The “New Virgin of One Way Linking”

Sometimes I look at those link request emails to see when someone has a new idea: I could not stop laughing when I read this one. I have bolded the funniest part. Typos have been left in. The names have been deleted to protect the delusional …

Dear Webmaster

I handle online marketing for my client’s site http://www.*****.com/. As you all know about the Google’s new algorithym and the improtance of oneway linking. I am also looking for triangular linking ( New Virgin of Oneway linking ) to increase the link popularity of my site as well the ranking in major search engines.

I will also add your site on to my directory http://www.*******.com/ within 48 hours of your positive reply.


I bet that someone could make a nifty marketing campaign out of the whole concept – the “New Virgin of One Way Linking”. Just imagine how many guys would want to engage in exchanges with her!

Of course, given that my guess is that the person who sent me this is a male, the whole proposition (from my perspective at least) gets a bit more scary …


  1. says

    lmao, anything with virgin in the title would be popular

    BTW. what is the sum of 3+8? I’ve never been very good at math :)

  2. says

    Well what exactly do you expect? Their automated linking campaigns always amaze me.

    Just yesterday I deleted 7 emails from the same person asking for links from one site to 7 similar but different ( a bit ) sites. Their bot is out of control obviously. I might have read and maybe considered the first, but seven in 24 hours it ridiculous.

  3. says

    I too read them every now and then to see what new gimmick they have come up with but “the new virgin of oneway linking” is a new one on me. LOL

  4. stonecold says

    Here is what makes it even funnier. They day after I got the first one of these emails, I got a second email from him. Obviously, he did not check my blog first …

  5. says

    ROFLMAO! That is HILARIOUS!! I am really really curious as to who and where that person is…and the url. If you’re so inclined, email me the domain. I’d love to have a chat with him(/her)…lololol

  6. says

    I realise that I have to more often browse websites that are in english. It is a lot more entertaining than our French and German Sites.

    I also realise that your requests for link exchanges are much more entertaining, too. Funny actually that this generates a blog post with lots of comments. In the “old world” that would have been just binned.

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