The Value of Linkscape Defined

This briefing by the SEOmoz Linkscape team is the first in a series of such briefings. In the near future you will see similar briefings of Majestic SEO and Wordtracker


In the SEOmoz briefing we get a pretty good look at some of the things that make this tool so valuable. Number one for me is the mozRank and mozTrust metrics. With these we get new data that we never had before on how links compare in value to one another. mozTrust is the first trust related metric we have ever had as link builders. This data can playa real role in tweaking your link buildint strategy.

The other thing that stood out to me is the real focus on “link analytics”. We had an engaging discussion on how Linkscape could be used to get insight into what is driving the search rankings for a given query. We have all had that experience, of looking at a set of search results and just not understanding why a particular result was ranking so highly. With Linkscape data and tools, we can now get an understanding of why it is happening.

Check it out!


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