PPC Tools

Welcome to our PPC Tools page! As part of our PPC service we have developed a family of PPC tools that are second to none. Some of these are free, and others are available when you enter into a consulting engagement with STC.

Free PPC Tools

We offer a (soon to be full made public) family of free PPC tools under the Creative Commons by-nc license. What this means is that you must provide attribution as per our specifications, and you cannot use our tools for commercial purposes (you cannot sell it to someone else or bundle it within your own toolset). By downloading this tool you indicate that you accept this license.

  1. STC Permutator - A spreadsheet based tool for creating new keywords.
  2. PPC Planning Matrix - An Excel tool for planning PPC Campaigns, with bulk sheet output. Recent updates:

PPC Tools We Leverage Within an Consulting Engagement

These tools are used by our pay per click consultants to benefit our clients:

  1. Opti-Bid Bid Management - World class bid management solution with a high degree of flexibility. Easily tuned to any campaign structure. Combines automation and manual oversight for the best of both worlds. Incremental fees apply to get access to this tool.
  2. Performance Dimensions Reporting - A sophisticated campaign reporting tool that leverages Excel to allow for rapid review of campaign results at multiple levels.
  3. Power KeyGen - Industrial strength keyword generation/deletion tool that greatly simplifies the process of expanding or contracting your campaigns. STC uses this to generate / delete keywords and automate the process of uploading the changes to your PPC account.
  4. Master PPC Dashboard - Presents all of the key performance metrics in one place for trend analysis. This view help us quickly identify and respond to changing trends in PPC accounts.

If you have any questions about our tools, please contact cgrant at stonetemple.com.