United Press International Selling Links

It’s always a big surprise to me when major companies get into the business of selling links. It’s more amazing still when they blatantly state that the primary reason is for Increasing Page Rank. But this is exactly what United Press International is doing.

The shame is that people will come to this page and think they have found an easy way to build their Page Rank and their rankings. They are wasting their money, and their time. Such links, are easily discovered by Google.

Of course, its difficult for Google to publicly announce which links they do detect. if they did that, it would make it clearer which ones they are not aware of. But when a major organization like UPI whores their site by selling links in this fashion, it does not take long for Google to uncover them.

It’s a shame that UPI is doing this. I think it’s an embarrassment to their organization. They are openly offering to help other webmasters in cheating search engines and end users. It’s a violation of terms of service.

UPI is a major company in the business of providing accurate news to other media companies. They have an impeccable reputation based on the quality of the data they provide. Yet here they are openly encouraging behavior which is essentially cheating.

It makes you wonder where else in their business they bend the rules. It’s just no place for a business like theirs to be.


  1. Ryan says

    Rules, what rules? The ones Google made up? Don’t they sell links on millions of pages through adsense?

    Fault Google for having a search method that is easily manipulated, not the company trying to monetize their content.

  2. says

    A “PR8” text link ad on the health page for $225/month, and there are 12 there now ($2700/month) on a page that also has YSM ads and syndicated content. They show 10 pages selling links, and one has 25 links ($5625/month) so let’s say that’s $30-$60k per month in new text link ad revenue for 10 pages of the site. Somebody didn’t value their web property before, but sees value now that it is “selling page rank”.

    I agree it speaks volumes about UPI management.

  3. Danny Casolaro says

    Actually, UPI is no longer a “major news company”. They once were, but now they are just a Unification Church (moonies) owned has-been.

    Yes, it definitely reflects on management — everyone in top exec positions there are church members, not journalists or businessmen.

    They didn’t even have a public site with news until late 2005, and even that was like pulling teeth to get them to do. http://www.upi.com used to go to the same marketing content that is now on about.upi.com.

    Any clue they had about online publishing has left that company over 6 months ago. Now their web dev department is being run by some former help-desk manager with no concept of managing an online web presence in any way. Expect it to deteriorate even more in the future.

  4. james O. Clifford says

    I was with UPI from 1960 to 1985, when it was a major player, a rival of AP. At that time, both UPI and AP had offices, or bureaus. in major cities. UPI is now a shadow of what it once was, the days when it won a Pulitzer. I have written a book about those times called “Philip’s Code: No News is Good News – to a Killer.” It’s on amazon.com. I also have a blog. Goggle it at “Philip’s Code.”

    James O. Clifford, UPI-AP (ret)

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