Webmaster World Next Week

Like many others in the search engine industry, I am preparing for the trip to Las Vegas for WebmasterWorld. There are lots of things to look forward to. Catching up with the many people in this industry that I have to know. Just hanging out in some place warmer than Boston.

Then there are the many great sessions and meetings I plan to go to. For me, these events are about networking, building new relationships, and renewing relationships.

I plan to arrive on Tuesday morning. Sessions that interest me are:

  1. Feeds and Other Alternative Optimization Opportunities
  2. CSS and HTML Coding Today
  3. Search Blog and Reporter Forum
  4. The Thursday morning at 9:00 am keynote by Danny Sullivan
  5. Press and Public Relation Campaigns
  6. Viral and WOMM Marketing Management
  7. Search Engine Smackdown

During the next week, all our posts will focus on WebmasterWorld related reports. Hope to see you there!

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