Why Wikipedia links are still valuable

As we have all heard, Wikipedia has placed “nofollow” tags on their outbound links. This was greeted with a fair amount of dismay by the SEO and Webmaster world at large, as well it should have been.

But it turns out that Wikipedia links still have great value. Why? Because other people go to Wikipedia pages and then link to the sites that Wikipedia links to.

In a non-scientific examination of some of the sites we work with, we have seen Wikipedia links result in a significant number of additional links. One site we know regularly gets 20+ additional links for every Wikipedia link they get. Best of all, these are relevant links.

So don’t lose all interest in Wikipedia yet. Links there can still help your site.


  1. Eric Enge says

    Hi Gregory. You raise a valid issue. Certainly a bad idea to go load a ton of links of low relevance into Wikipedia. But it does seem that if your site is in fact highly relevant and provides some unique value to the topic of a given Wikipedia that you can add an entry.

    It’s a fine line, no doubt. What makes it easier is if you have been making other contributions to Wikipedia, and have some credibility.

  2. says

    I would suggest caution when adding links to Wikipedia articles. If the link has relevance to the article and is a significant website (e.g. http://www.microsoft.com on the Microsoft article) then it will be removed. If it is persisently added, the site could fairly quickly find itself on Wikipedia’s black list.

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