Wiep Knol’s Full Input to Majestic – OSE Shootout

By Eric Enge

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Wiep Knol

Wiep Knol is a creative link marketer that lives in The Netherlands. From there he runs his companyGila Media, which offers link building services and consultancy. He is also the co-founder ofLinkbuilding.nl, a Dutch link building agency. Linkbuilding.nl offers link building consultancy, workshops, training sessions and campaign management for (mainly) Dutch websites.

1. Freshness of data (delay between link being detected and indexed )

Majestic – 8/10
Moz – 5/10

As MJ and OSE have different index update rates, it’s hard to compare. MajesticSEO’s daily updated Fresh Index clearly has a huge advantage over OSE’s monthly updates. For smaller and/ or local (European) websites, Majestic’s index is much more comprehensive than Moz’ index.

2. Predictability of updates (conformance to scheduled times)

Majestic – 10/10
Moz – 10/10

SEOmoz is very clear about their Mozscape updates. Majestic’s fresh index updates daily and the historic index monthly, so that’s pretty predictable as well.

3. API performance (uptime and speed of response)

No answer provided.

4. Percent of links reported by Google Webmaster Tools that Majestic/Moz know about from a variety of sites

Majestic – 6/10
Moz – 4/10

Instead of using GWMT, I used analytics data to see which of the referring domains were also indexed by Majestic and OSE. As these links provide real traffic, they should definitely be reported by the link tools as well.

I did a quick check of several websites with relatively small link profiles (as OSE exports are limited to 10k links). On average, Majestic scored 50% better than OSE, but both still missed quite a lot of (indexable) referrers.

5. Percent of links reported by Moz & Majestic that still exist

SEOmoz 8/10
Majestic: 8/10 (fresh) 4/10 (historic)

OSE and Majestic’s fresh index are comparable, but MJ’s historic index contains *lots* of links that don’t exist anymore. However, sometimes you needold data as well, so I don’t see this as a disadvantage for Majestic. At least not since they have introduced their fresh index :)

6. Correlation of key metrics (e.g. PA/DA and ACRank) with SERPs

SEOmoz 8/10
Majestic: 4/10 (AC Rank) 7/10 (CF / TF)

I’m not a fan of AC Rank, but the recently released Citation Flow and Trust Flow are a big improvement, imho. However, I still prefer Page Authority & Domain Authority.

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