Win an iPod Touch at SES New York

For the second year running, Stone Temple Consulting is putting its foosball reputation on the line and giving away a pair of 8 GB iPod Touch’s to the winners of our “Foosball Challenge” at SES New York on the 24th (Tuesday) and 25th (Wednesday) of March. The plan is the same as last year, and here are the details of how to participate

Step One: Come to SES New York. Lots of good reasons for you to come to the show! A chance to win a Touch is just one of many. You can also hear me speak about Duplicate Content on Thursday at the show.

Step Two: Find the foosball tables. They are in the Exhibit Hall 2. Eric and John are sure to be nearby!

Foosball Table Picture

Step Three: Come at the right time. We are holding the challenge during the Networking Reception on Tuesday in the Exhibit Hall after the show and during the lunch break on Wednesday (or if you see us at the table some other time prior to lunch on Wednesday we can play then too …). Note that the tables will be there the entire time the Exhibit Hall is open, so come by any time and practice! We will award the iPod Touch’s at the end of the lunch break on Wednesday.Step Four: Bring a partner, or find one over at the tables, and play a game against Eric and John. The team scoring the most points against us wins the iPod Touch’s. If there’s a tie, we’ll hold a random drawing among the highest scoring teams. That’s it!

Now, for some rules:

1. Each player can only play on one team. Play all the practice games you want, and audition your teammates! But only one chance at the prize, so tune up your game and bring it for the big match!

2. Spinning the rods is not allowed.

3. Have fun!

Bear in mind that you have nothing to lose. It costs nothing to try and it’s guaranteed to be fun, so go for it!

Now here’s the full disclosure. We’re actually pretty good foosball players. Eric is a former world champion (true story!). It was quite a while back — in his wild and crazy youth — but he still has the trophy and jacket! John goes way back as well, though his glory days are more recent, including winning regional championships in California in the last year.

But, don’t let that stop you. Take a break from the sessions. Let your mind unwind a bit, and have some fun, and you might just beat the champs and fly home with an iPod Touch!


  1. PB says

    Seems like going to be lotsa fun at the SES NY this year :-) – share the transcript of your speech here (if possible)

  2. PB says

    Ahh..thanks for the link Eric! Going through them and very much looking forward to the presentation from SES NY this year.

    Won’t be there at the conference though! Maybe some other time :)


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