Yahoo! Search Builder and Getting More Pages Indexed by Yahoo!

A while back I wrote about how building a search engine using Yahoo! Search Builder can increase the number of pages you have in the Yahoo! index. This notion did not come from me. It came from an interview I did with Tim Mayer back in December 2006.

Recently, we began a little experiment with this notion to see if we could see any impact from doing this. It’s still too early to have data from this test, but we have already noticed one very interesting thing. Take a look at this image:

Yahoo! Site Explorer

Notice the source column on the right? On our domain,, the data source is stated as being Search Builder. This does suggest that something has been tweaked regarding the indexing method. While the Stone Temple site is not the one that we are running our Search Builder test on, the above screen shot should provide some additional data regarding the potential for the Search Builder product to influence indexing.


  1. says

    Hi! I think i read your previous posting a while back – or on another blog – suggesting that Yahoo! Search Builder was a great, quick way to get a new site indexed. I happened to have a newly launched site, so I went ahead and set it up with Search Builder, got it fully indexed, and noticed the “source” column in Yahoo! Site Explorer, just like you describe here.

    Unfortunately, like so many things in SEO, this is not a scientific test as there’s no control group to compare against. So I don’t think you can use this information to confirm the suspicion that Search Builder will help with Indexing.

    Does your test compare two sites, or are you purposely choosing a site that was previously having indexing problems? Just wondering if I can wholeheartedly jump on this bandwagon or if I have to hold back a little longer..

    Thanks for taking the reigns,

    Gradiva Couzin

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